Month: October 2017

DSGE Models Debunked

Dynamic, stochastic general equilibrium (DSGE) models are used by monetary policy analysts the world over. What are they and why can’t they be trusted?

Who controls the money supply?

Until we realise where money is coming from we have no hope of controlling the supply of it, or ensuring its growth is applied in an equitable way.

Would a United States of Europe work, economically speaking?

The grand plan for the EU was to create a United States of Europe – what could possibly go wrong?

Will Corbynism lead to Venezuelan style socialism?

The Tories are united on one thing – a Corbyn government would lead to Venezuelan style socialism. Have they got a point?

What should Trump do about China?

President Trump has accused China of currency manipulation. The low value of the Remnimbi certainly helps them sell more and add to the US trade deficit.

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