Month: November 2017

What’s causing the productivity slump?

Why are we failing to see productivity increase? Is it through lack of investment? Or is it who benefits from the loans made to companies wanting to grow.

The Real Answer to the Affordable Housing Issue

The UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer has a plan to make housing in the UK more affordable. Sadly, it won’t work.

Does Competition Hold Us Back?

Prof. Steve Keen goes through scenarios where competition is more of a hinderance than a help

The Unanswerable Irish Border Question

Ever considered that the reason nobody has come up with an answer to how the EU border with Northern Ireland will work, is because there isn’t one.

What Makes Currency Stable?

Aren’t currency fluctuations a bad thing, creating uncertainty in prices for exports and imports? How do we stabilise them?

Capitalism without capital accumulation

There are two drivers for capitalism – the desire to consume and the desire to accumulate. Is it a problem that most of us no longer have hte means for the latter?

Is the Bank of England nuts?

Has the Bank of England lost the plot? Raising interest rates when the economy isn’t exactly booming?

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