Month: January 2018

Rebuilding Economic Theory The Old Way

Attempts by the Oxford Reviewof Economic Policy to rebuild macroeconomic theory dolittle other than tweak the edges of conventional thinking.

Government Debt and All That

Government debt is seen as a bad thing, yet we widely accept quantitative easing.

Can you expect full employment when migration is so high?

Is migration really responsible for creating unemployment?And are we getting so lost in the migration and employment debate that we’re missing a far bigger concern – the number of people on the planet.

Carillion, another public sector outsourcing disaster

Where do you draw the line between government insourcing and outsourcing. Steve Keen says outsourcing has become a case of the blind buying from the greedy.

Is GDP the best way to measure wealth?

We rely on GDP to measure the wealth of a country and it’s rate of growth, but is it the most meaningful measure?

Should we listen to the Austrian School?

Are there elements of the Austrian school that we should take seriously – surely anyone who challenges traditional economics is worth listening to?

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