Month: May 2018

ECB fiddles whilst Rome burns

A meltdown seems to be happening in the Italian economy. Steve Keen says that it’s the failings of the Maastricht Treaty coming home to roost.

Why government debt isn’t a problem

Why we shouldn’t worry about government debt, but up to what point? What if the money the government owes keeps rising?

Will more information drive purer economic outcomes?

Economics is based on the pretext of rational decision making. Does that mean the more information we have the better the functioning of the economy?

How Marx was wrong on revolution

Prof Steve Keen explains how, if Marx had followed his own theories, he would have realised that there wasn’t a need for a shift to socialism.

Monetary versus fiscal policy – which one works best?

I ask Prof Steve Keen if monetary policies ever worked – and isn’t there a danger of fiscal policy racking up too much debt?

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