Day: 3 June 2018

Australia’s PM – the highest paid leader

David Campbell talks about the Australian Prime Minister’s healthy pay packet. Plus, is New Zealand a mere pawn in China’s quest for global domination? 

Roseanne, Parenthood and Steel – Richard Kazimer on a week in the US

Roseanne Barr showed her true colours this week, and probably scotched for career in the process. Richard Kazimer on another crazy week in the US.

The EU Gravy Train

We tend to think of the bureaucrats in Brussels as the people making the easy money out of the EU – but there are lots of people milking it here in the UK too.

The Italy Crisis – is it Parmageddon?

Is the chaos in Italy the start of something bigger? Could we see the country push to leave the Euro, for example? I talk to economist Prof Steve Keen.

Tommy Robinson arrest – was it a travesty of justice?

Tommy Robinson was arrested this week. Was it, as the alt-right are claiming, a travesty of justice?

Were London’s cycle lanes ill-judged and rushed through?

Fran Graham from the London Cycling Campaign refutes Mike Brown’s comments that London’s cycle lanes were rushed through and ill-judged.

Douglas Irwin on Trump’s Trade War

I talk to Douglas Irwin, Professor of Economics at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, about President Trump’s duties on steel and aluminium.

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