Lovesport – 16th June 2018

Lots on Grenfell one year on – how do we make social housing better and why do we have so little of it? Plus Brexit, the gridlock and how Theresa May’s NHS announcement shows she is ready to side with the hardliners.

  1. Chat with Charlie Wolf and Ed Bowsher
  2. Show intro – The Rise and rise of Michael Rimmer
  3. What next for Grenfell – Jonathan Werren, Localis
  4. More on social housing – it needs to be better and more of it
  5. Musical news challenge
  6. Entertainment news with Caroline Blight
  7. Hour Two intro – confusing time to be a Brexiteer
  8. 16th June in history – roller coasters, Martha the dog, Ugly Women’s Institute
  9. Spotted Dick and the Withdrawal Bill – what’s it all about?
  10. Brexit in deadlock – Bronwen Maddox – Institute for Government
  11. Boris Becker goes for diplomatic immunity
  12. North Korean Summit – no big win
  13. Pointless dog research
  14. Hour three intro – Billy Caldwell, young doctors and midlife MOT tests
  15. USA Report w Richard Kazimer – Trump home to protests, family cashes in, 2026 world cup
  16. Musical challenge answer, banning the flag?
  17. Australia with David Campbell – soccer, fake meat, yellow crazy ant, English tests
  18. Oxfam support, anger and alt right
  19. Show outro

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