We don’t need another Grenfell

After Grenfell, the big question is, how do we avoid it happening again? That isn’t as simple as fire proofing tower blocks. There has to be a fundamental question about the quality and availability of social housing.

Wouldn’t it be a beautiful legacy to the people who died that night if it saw us turn the corner on our attitudes to social housing. Could we have more of it? How could it improve the living standards of those trapped in the poverty cycle.

I spoke to Jonathan Werren, Interim Chief Executive of Localis, an independent think-tank, about what went wrong with Grenfell.

I also look at countries where social housing is more prominent – and look at design ideas that could provide sustainable accommodation that doesn’t rely on ugly tower blocks. Take Paris, for example. It has a far denser population than London, but its all low rise.

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