Month: September 2018

Labour mobility – do we need more or less?

Migrants are viewed more as a drain on resources than a boost to the economic output of a country. But s an open border any better?

BBC Radio Solent Drive – 25th September 2019

Me on drive on BBC Radio Solent – three hours of very local stuff.

BBC Radio Solent Drive – 24th September 2018

Another day of local news on local radio, for a few local people who might have been listening.

Radio Solent Drive – 21st September 2018

My first gig on the BBC – drivetime on BBC Radio Solent one Friday afternoon. Here some bits of it.

Are the Kiwis right to ban foreign home buyers?

A new law in New Zealand prevents foreign buyers from acquiring homes in there. Will it work?

Does a flattening yield curve mean a US recession is on the way?

The spread of yield between short and long term US Treasuries is narrowing. Some say its a sure sign a recession is on the way.

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