Radio Solent Drive – 21st September 2018

I filled in on the drivetime show on BBC Radio Solent for a week. This was the first show – and the first time driving a show using a BBC ‘desk’ so there are a few glitches along the way, something the BBC ‘management’ were quick to pick out. I also talk out of songs too early apparently.

Here’s some, but not all, of that first show. There’s an interview with Jeremy Corbyn, what the people of Blanford think of Brexit and, big story of the day, will Wimborne win the High Street of the Year competition? It would be a travesty if they didn’t. Unless Poole gets it. Plus, Grange Hill 40 years on.

I must admit, I prefer doing live interviews rather than reading cues for pre-records, but I did might best to add humour and intelligence. What do you think? Would it make you listen to BBC local radio?

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