Month: November 2018

Trump, Xi … and Navarro?

A rocky night for equities, the dollar and oil ahead of the G20. NAB’s David de Garis talks about what to expect, particularly as it seems Peter Navarro might gatecrash the meeting between President’s Trump and Xi.

Living in a post growth economy

One for our listeners, Pieter Verhoeven, suggested we look at steady state economics and the post-growth economy. What needs to change if we are to accept the findings in Limits to Growth and what would life be like in a zero growth economy?

Brexit fears, more Trump tariffs and Powell close to neutral

Jerome Powell changes his stance, Mark Carney paints the disaster scenario and President Trump threatens car tariffs. NAB’s Rodrigo Catril talks through what’s driving the markets on The Morning Call podcast.

Trump’s warning on China and the Fed’s new neutral

On The Morning Call NAB’s Gavin Friend talks through fears of a wrong turn on trade talks and a softening stance from the Fed.

GM closures; oil bounces back; Italian hopes

What to make of the GM closures? I talk to @NAB Tapas Strickland about the motor industry, the bounce back in oil, next moves by the Fed and hopes of an Italian surrender.

No love to share at the end of Thanksgiving

On the Morning Call NAB’s Rodrigo Catril discusses falling oil, weakness in the US & Europe and a Brexit deal no one seems to want.

Can Central Banks Save Us from Climate Change?

Can climate change be fixed by those who helped us into this mess? Me and Prof Steve Keen on whether central banks have a role to play in mitigating the impact of climate change:

May helps pound up whilst US chows down

Theresa May has reached agreement with Europe on the shape of the final deal, helping the pound up, whilst the US chows down for Thanksgiving.

Oil Rises, Stocks Rebound, China warned

Oil rebounds, so do equities, but be careful how much you read into the moves says NAB’s Rodrigo Catril, with light trade ahead of Thanksgiving.

Oil and equities: back where we started from

A massive hit in oil prices and US equities, yet the US dollar is on the rise. NAB’s Gavin Friend looks at a night of sudden moves and speculates on what’s to follow.

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