Month: January 2019

China to go shopping, UK to vote again?

Markets are riding high on hopes of a US China trade truce but, as BNAB’s Rodrigo Catril points out, sentiment can turn if the news isn’t as good as it sounds.

Delays, good and bad

The markets don’t like the ongoing trade dispute and US government shutdown but, as I discuss with NAB’s Rodrigo Catril, they’re happy to see the prospect of a delay in Britain leaving the EU.

A longer Brexit (perhaps), a boost for US banks and a bad night for the Aussie

Theresa May survives, positive housing data in the US, equities up, but why was the Aussie dollar down? I talk to NAB’s Ray Attrill.

Brexit vote defeat, confidence vote and a Sterling bounce

A humiliating defeat for the UK Prime Minister over Brexit. I talk to NAB’s Gavin Friend about the impact and what next.

Shutdown, Slowdown and Voted down

China’s slowdown continues. So does the US government shutdown. And what next for Brexit if the meaningful vote is knocked out of court, as expected? I talk to NAB’s Tapas Strickland.

Is the Euro to blame for European disunity?

The European economy seems to have found itself in sharp reverse, possibly heading into a continent-wide recession. Italy is already there, Greece has witnessed thousands leaving the country to find jobs, and the yellow vest protests show happy unhappy the French are. Then there’s Brexit, of course. In this edition of the Debunking Economics podcast, Phil Dobbie asks Prof Steve Keen how much we can blame the Euro for the perilous state of the European economy.

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Optimism despite shutdowns, recession prospects and a meaningless vote

The shutdown, Brexit, negative data (and revolts) from Europe and the trade impasse between the US and China. Yet the markets are a little optimistic, for now.

Capital gains tax – a failed experiment in growth

Taxing capital gains less than income tax encourages risk taking and entrepreneurship, which spurs economic growth. So the theory goes.

A choppy New Year

It was far from a quiet Christmas period, with market volatility driven by data, trade concerns, a government shutdown and a very different attitude coming from the US Fed.

Talking China on TalkRADIO

A quick piece on TalkRADIO this morning to talk about the slowdown in the Chinese economy and the possibly ramifications.

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