Month: April 2019

Trump’s blanket ban on Iranian oil

Oil spikes on Trump’s end to waivers for Iranian oil, plus continued weakness in Europe, and the fate of Aussie inflation. I talk to NAB’s Ray Attrill on the Morning Call today.

Chinese slowdown? What slowdown?

China continues to surprise. As NAB’s David de Garis explains, we can add a narrowing US deficit to the list of surprises.

Why are telcos still struggling with diversity?

Men still dominate the telecoms industry. Why is that?

Why Steve Keen is voting Liberal in the Aussie election

Why is a progressive economist voting for a conservative government? Is it the right reason? Listen and decide.

Credit where credit is due

On today’s Morning Call podcast NAB’s Tapas Strickland discusses with Phil Dobbie how much China’s stimulus is helping US stocks and Treasury yields, plus why the Aussie pound fell and rose so quickly yesterday.

US Bank Earnings Disappoint, But Mainly Quiet

A quiet session that saw the Aussie dollar go nowhere – but the Canadian dollar hit by poor business sentiment and US stocks hurt by bank earnings results. I talk through the day’s news with NAB’s Ray Attrill.

China numbers boosts risk appetite, but will it last?

Will the positive sentiment from China’s credit numbers flow over to this week. I ask NAB’s Rodrigo Catril on today’s Morning Call podcast.

Near half century low for US jobless claims

On The Morning Call I talk to @NAB’s Gavin Friend about a near half century low for US jobless claims. Plus Brextension, the US earnings season, the RBA’s financial stability review, and more.

Black hole brighter than May’s future?

News from three central banks on today’s Morning Call, with NAB’s Ray Attrill. But US CPI numbers and the ongoing EU emergency Brexit are perhaps of more interest today.

Caution ahead of a busy day

The markets are cautious – NAB’s Rodrigo Catril puts it down to a busy day ahead, but downgrades from the IMF won’t have helped.

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