Month: May 2019

Treasury yields fall further as rate cut expectations rise

A quiet session for currencies and stocks but, as NAB’s Gavin Friend explains, Treasury yields continue to slide as expectations for an imminent rate cut mount.

More risk off, rate cut talk and downward revisions

It’s not a rosy picture that NAB’s Tapas Strickland paints of the global economy on today’s Morning Call, but it explains the continued risk-off mood on markets this week.

Leave most definitely does not mean leave

On Balls Radio, how leaving without a deal would go against the will of the people. Nigel Farage has been selectively quoting from a poll that shows three quarters of the population would not be happy with that outcome.

Misplaced confidence, a housing bounce and a big day for the RBNZ

I talk to NAB’s Ray Attrill about the contrast in the US between high consumer confidence and falling manufacturing numbers and the shift to Treasuries. Plus a big day for the RBNZ today – what to expect.

The EU election aftermath

There hasn’t been a sharp shift to the right, but there are repercussions from the EU elections, as NAB’s Rodrigo Catril explains on today’s Morning Call podcast.

EU votes, Tories squabble, Trump golfs

No sharp shift to the right in the EU elections, it seems. Phil Dobbie talks to NAB’s Ray Attril about the early results and other factors influencing the markets today.

Go Home to Sonning, Theresa

Balls Radio suggests the timetable for Theresa May’s departure and looks at the small village of Sonning, where she will return to, eventually

Markets act as though the trade row is here for the long term

Markets have shown sharp moves – NAB’s Gavin Friend says it’s a growing realisation that the US-China trade war is not going to end soon, and that low inflation growth isn’t as transitory as Jerome Powell would have you believe.

FOMC patient, May stubborn, Trump determined

More trade concerns, more Brexit pantomine, more patience from the Fed. I go through what’s driving markets today with NAB’s Gavin Friend.

Huawei On Hold, Lowe Goes Lower and Pound Fails to Fly on May’s DoDo Deal

Aussie dollar falls on rate cut clue, pound dismayed by false hope of second referendum and equities boosted by Huawei trade restrictions put on hold. I talk through it all with NAB’s Ray Attril on today’s Morning Call podcast.

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