Month: November 2019

China angry on US Hong Kong Bill, but will it impact the trade deal?

President Trump’s signature on the Hong Kong Human Rights Bill won’t scupper the chance of a trade deal, says NAB’s David de Garis on today’s Morning Call podcast. Plus the impact of yesterday’s capex numbers on Australia’s next GDP read.

Markets positive on US data

For once markets have responded to positive data, rather than trade hopes. Plus, NABs Gavin Friend suggests there’s one poll in the UK today you should pay attention to. Plus Aussie capex today, what to expect.

Lowe on QE, US equities up, pound lower, US inflation tonight

NAB’s Rodrigo Catril on Lowe’s comments on QE on today’s Morning Call podcast. Plus, how US equities and bonds show different ideas about trade talk progress.

Trade hope sends stocks high, Aussie waits on Lowe

Trade hope sends US stocks high, but the Aussie dollar is waiting for words from Philip Lowe. NAB’s Ray Attrill says the RBA Governor’s talk tonight is the most crucial event locally.

Should we do more to price-in externalities?

Increasingly it’s possible to find ways to charge people for external benefits they receive. Like, if they use public services more, should they pay more?

New week, new hope

China makes moves on IP theft. Could it unblock a sticking point on trade talks? NAB’s Tapas Strickland says we’ve been here before.

Markets ignore impeachment, they want the trade war resolved

Markets slide further as they wait for trade news, ignoring the impeachment proceedings in the US. And its PMI day for Europe today. Tapas Strickland on NAB’s Morning Call.

Will Human Rights Bill scupper a trade deal?

With a bill on Hong Kong human rights passing the US senate, is a trade deal looking even less likely this side of Christmas? NAB’s Ray Attrill on today’s Morning Call podcast.

China wants to rollback to May, RBA considered a cut, Boris goes in to bat

A US-China deal is some way off says NAB’s David de Garis on today’s Morning Call, whilst the pound slides ahead of a televised election debate.

China uncertain, Boris boosted

Concerns that China isn’t optimistic about a trade outcome but NAB’s Rodrigo Catril says the market response has been contained, in the absence of any real new news.

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