NAB – The Morning Call · Trump talks it up. Will Lowe talk it down?

Trump talks it up. Will Lowe talk it down?

Thursday 15th October 2020

Philip Lowe, the Governor of the RBA, is talking this morning. NAB’s David de Garis tells us what to expect in terms of signalling for future stimulus measures. Stimulus is off the cards for now in the US, but listening to President Trump speaking at the Economic Society of new York you’d have to wonder why they need it. They’ve had the smallest economic contraction and fastest recovery of any major western nation, he said. He left out China, of course, because their economy really has had a V-shaped recovery, demonstrated further by increased loans reported yesterday and, hence, a larger money supply, that should boost their GDP further. In Europe, rising infection rates and lockdown fears continue to cause uncertainty, whilst Brexit talks will continue beyond the EU meeting this week. The pound continues to be highly volatile to it all, choosing today to rise in the side of optimism.

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