NAB – The Morning Call · US in Warp Speed whilst UK Dithers

US in Warp Speed whilst UK Dithers

Monday 14th December 2020

The inoculation program in the US has ambitious targets. NAB’s Tapas Strickland says the aim is to have given the jab to 75% of the population by June. Even so, markets were a little subdued on Friday, as infection numbers continued to rise in the US and across Europe. Germany has announced its most pronounced lockdown so far, starting Wednesday. Meanwhile, Brexit hopes linger on, with Sunday’s deadline pushed back and negotiations continuing. That’s helped cable this morning, even though Boris Johnson has reiterated no-deal remains the most likely outcome. There’s also discussion on today’s podcast about the US stimulus, the FOMC meeting this week, Australia’s MYEFO and the rising price of iron ore.

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