Are we overstimulating the economy with the COVID-19 response?

As the US government argues over whether to spend almost another $1 trillion to stimulate an economy ravaged by COVID-19, and the UK government likely to increase public sector borrowing by GBP215 billion this year, plus central banks lowering interest rates to often below zero, is there a chance our response to COVID-19 has been over the top? Some argue that the response, when the economy finally recovers, will be highly inflationary. Whilst others, Steve Keen included, believe deflation is going to be the issue, and it’ll be a long time before we see inflation rising. Phil Dobbie asks whether we’ll see governments use these inflation fears as an argument to curtail spending in 2021, even though the virus is still spreading and the job is far from done. And Merry Christmas to all our listeners. More next week!

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