NAB – The Morning Call · ECB to buy faster, US job claims slowing

ECB to buy faster, US job claims slowing

Friday 11th March 2021

Asset markets continue to be drawn by bond markets, says NAB’s David de Garis, on today’s podcast. With stimulus coming down the line, and jobs data showing further signs of recovery, you might have expected increased inflation concerns, but yesterday’s CPI figures seem to have calmed those concerns for now. But the ECB is still kicking into action, promising a faster bond buying spree under its pandemic emergency purchase programme, with Christine Lagarde concerned about the rate of recovery. Europe, of course, continues to suffer from a slow vaccine rollout – reaching 10% of the population in France so far, compare to 36 percent in the UK. Britain’s trade numbers will be interesting today, not because of COVID, but to see the impacts of Brexit on trade with Germany and the rest of Europe.

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