If you gamble, you lose

Monday 29th March 2021

The FCA is worried that many new investors are gambling on shares for all the wrong reasons. Today on the podcast Rodney Hobson says he isn’t too concerned, it’ll reach a valuable lesson to those who lose out. A bigger concern, he says, is when the regulator fails to protect investors in managed funds, like Neil Woodford’s now defunct operation.

Also, Phil Dobbie asks whether we can expect a volatile week, after some sharp moves in US markets on Friday. There was Goldman Sach’s  $10.5 million block trade, and massive sell-offs in two media giants. One of those giants is the backer of Andrew Neil’s GB News.

And speaking of news, Australia’s Channel Nine News was off air in Sydney yesterday, because of a  cyberattack, they claim by Russia. The problem was, all their news software and content now sits in the cloud. Another channel that will be cloud driven – Andrew Neil’s GB News.

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