Month: March 2021

How the Ad Industry Caught COVID

How quickly will the ad industry bounce back? Gideon Sapnier from Campaign joins me, Plus a blocked Suez, vaccine wars and little rocket man returns.

A wedged ship, vaccine wrangles add to delay concerns

The blocking of the Suez Cana and growing vaccine rivalry are added to concerns that economic recovery will be delayed, says NAB’s Gavin Friend, reflected in the cautious mood in markets today.

Real jobs data and lockdown legacies

What will be the legacies of lockdown with Tom Cheesewright. Plus, the real story behind yesterday’s jobs numbers and is Boris right to criticize the BBC?

Oil price spills over COVID recovery concerns

Big falls in oil prices, US equities and treasury yields. NAB’s David de Garis says it reflects concerns over European lockdowns and the accuracy of Astra Zeneca data. Meanwhile plans to shift home purchases away from investors has slugged the Kiwi dollar.

Eight Ways We Can Win at AI

Can Britain be one of the world’s leaders in AI? @sebkrier thinks so, provided we get the settings right. He tells us what has to change. Plus, why digital currencies are bad news for central banks. And a Gammon for London?

US bond yields fall; risk sentiment boosts equities

Equities and bonds are being driven by 3 things says NAB’s Tapas Strickland – the size of Biden’s infrastructure package, assumption that Fed tapering is still a long way off, plus caution from rising infection numbers in Europe and the US

Save money by beating the bots

Can you beat the bots online to save some money. Jasmine BIrtles explains how, plus more tax changes coming from Rishi Sunak and what are the chances of a holiday in the sun this year?

SLR and all that

The Fed announces SLR will not continue from the month end. NAB’s Rodrigo Catril explain what it is and what it means for the appetite for bonds, in a week where many more are being auctioned. Plus, the potential flow-on from Erdogan ditching his central bank governor.

The fallacy of the demand curve

It’s the most fundamental aspect of economic teaching – the law of demand. But @ProfSteveKeen says its all wrong. Listen in to this week’s Debunking Economics podcast to find out why.

Flying by the seat of their pants

Vaccine passports, US-China tensions and the state of the travel industry. I talk to John Strickland in today’s It’s the Business podcast

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