Month: March 2021

Fed pushes bond yields up, Russia drives oil down

NAB’s David de Garis explains why bond yields rose sharply overnight as the markets contemplate the Fed’s dovish tone yesterday. Bigger moves in oil, as tensions ratchet up between the US and Russia.

Rates rise when?

The US Federal reserve suggested no rate rise until 2024. On today’s podcast Kallum Picking says it might happen sooner. Plus what to expect from the Bank of England today, is Uber a sustainable business model and Dominic Cummings admits he was the puppet master.

Strong market reaction as Fed changes nothing

The market reacted sharply to the FOMC meeting today, even though there was nothing new. NAB’s Gavin Friend says this shows how divided opinions are right now and many were expecting more.

Don’t reopen, relaunch

Richard Crawford Small has six ways of preparing your business for the new normal. Plus who is the new head of the OECD, and we celebrate Memphis, no longer a dirty word on Twitter.

Slow movement, soft data

Soft jobs data in the US had little market reaction. The Labour market is looking stronger in Australia, with NAB’s David de Garis saying many big companies have already made their labour adjustments ahead of JobKeeper ending.

What follows furlough?

How many people will lose their job at the end of furlough. Dr Nicola Headlam has a number. Plus, EU’s vaccine slowdown, Deliveroo’s IPO and BT workers set to strike?

Clots slow down the EU vaccine rollout

The markets are taking a breather, says NAB’s Rodrigo Catrill, ahead of the FOMC later in the week. The main news is the slowdown in vaccine rollouts in the EU, with more countries suspending use of the Astra Zeneca vaccine.

Companies divvying up the dividend

Share expert Rodney Hobson says he likes to play it safe. He only invests in companies paying dividends. He gives five tips today. Plus, will the new police bill be the first major defeat for the Johnson government?

Yields higher, jabs faster, inflation expectations lower

Bond yields hit higher on Friday. NAB’s Tapas Strickland says inflation expectations have been falling, whilst the cyclical rotation story continues to dominate equity markets.

Global Britain, owned by the world

Brexit has got off to a very bad start, but what about global Britain. I ask @profstevekeen if the government has a plan? They seem focused on FDI and share listings, but will they do us any good?

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