How Green is Your Pension?

Thursday 1st April 2021

Joe Biden has unleashed another couple of billion dollars of spending on the US economy, focusing largely on infrastructure. It’s aimed to create jobs for the middle class, and build growth from the middle out, not from the top down. Boris Johnson promised to level up the UK economy of course, and even spoke of a green new deal, but not of that made it into Rishi Sunak’s budget earlier in the year. Couldn’t we benefit with a green revolution, with Bidenesque sized government investment?

Meanwhile, what can we do to help the environment at an individual level. Environmental journalist Lucy Siegle joins me today and suggests we could start by looking at our pensions. Recent research has shown that 29 percent of us would change the companies their pension was investing in if they discovered how unsustainable they were. So, does that mean the rest of us are lazy and unconcerned? And hoiw many of us even know which companies are in our pension’s share portfolio?

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