Eating out (in the cold) and Biden’s World Tax Plans

Friday 9th April 2021

Will you be heading out to eat out at a restaurant on Monday? Under the easing of lockdown rules you can from Monday, but you have to sit outside. And it’s going to be cold and wet on Monday. No matter people will put on a warm coat and embrace the opportunity, according to to Patrick Hooykaas, Managing Director at TheFork, the restaurant booking app formally known as Bookatable. So, what will have changed and how will restaurants cope as social distancing rules will continue to restrict their capacity and revenue.

Also today, Phil Dobbie talks through how Joe Biden plans to fund his $2.25 trillion infrastructure program. He wants to raise corporate tax rates and get other countries to do the same. Is there an appetite for a global approach to taxation. Perhaps there is if it means we can ensure digital behemoths pay their fair share. But isn’t it the sort of control we didn’t want to see from the EU. Are we really prepared to take it from the US?

Plus, would you ever put ‘Stay at Home Mum’ or ‘Stay at Home Dad’ on your CV?

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