Cyclical Thinking: Cyclical Thinking

Monday 12th April 2021

Today, Rodney Hobson talks about cyclical stocks – shares that might bounce back after a recession. But how different is it this time? And what of counter-cyclical stock, those that have done well during the downturn but will lose ground as the lockdowns ease. We also talk about investing in overseas shares and getting started with this year’s ISA.

Also today, the unfolding story of Greensill Capital and Liberty Steel. Whilst news reports =unearth just how much David Cameron lobbied on behalf of Greensill, there’s also the ,more damaging question of alleged fake invoicing unearthed by Greensill’s administrator. Is this fraud?

And it’s a significant day in the easing of lockdowns, with shops, gyms and hairdressers able to re-open. But just how exposed are businesses. We take a look at some ONS figures released on Friday that show how close to the wind some companies are flying.

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