On today’s podcast, a quick analysis of today’s UK GDP numbers, and @realVickyPryce says China’s expedient recovery might mean it surpasses the US economy a year or two earlier than predicted.


The Fast Track for China

Tuesday 13th April 2021

China saw its economy expand last year, whilst the rest of us saw significant declines. This year they are expected to outgrow the rest of the developed world even more so. to Vicky Pryce says China was expected to eclipse thew US economy by 2030, but now it could happen a couple of years sooner. That assumes we continue to trade with China to a greater extent that we do already. But how will that relationship cope with political pressures over human rights and territorial disputes.

Also today a first-look at the UK’s latest GDP figures – which were up for February – more on David Cameron’s government lobbying, vaccine numbers and Lord King’s strange ideas about killing off companies while they’re down.

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