Will COVID-19 breed more surveillance?

Wednesday 14th April 2021

You’d have to be the most optimistic optimist to assume that in a few months COVID-19 will be all but a memory. It will still be around and we could still be spreading it, with or without a vaccine. It’s not over until everyone is vaccinated, which means a track and trace system remains as important as ever. But we never got it right in the UK, through administrative bungling, dodgy contracts and because people just can’t be bothered to register everytime we go somewhere. So, perhaps we will need to introduce vaccine passports. Or maybe, we’ll just get used to a lot more facial recognition cameras around the place. How we do we feel about that? Today I talk to technologist Peter Cochrane about the role of technology in beating the spreading of COVID-19 and any other pandemics that come along.

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