Side hustles, Bitcoin tumbles and Brexit stumbles

Monday 19th April 2021

Bitcoin lost 15% yesterday. We know it’ll bounce back, but for how long. Maybe its worth considering what American billionaire Ray Dalio predicted last month, that Bitcoin would eventually be outlawed. We look at reasons why he might be right.

Also today, trade figures last week showed that the UK’s exports to the EU were still 20 percent down at the end of February. At an inquiry by the UK Trade and Business Commission last week Julian Jessop said the impact hadn’t been as bad as many had feared. Really? How bad were we expecting it to be?

And personal finance expert Jasmine Birtles, from MoneyMagpie.com, gives ideas for side hustles, from getting money from research companies to playing gambling companies at their own game. A fun start to the week with Jasmine!

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