US v UK – who has the right idea on recovery (and football)?

Tuesday 20th April 2021

Three stories on today’s podcast. First, the latest employment data from the ONS, just out this morning.  Phil Dobbie dissects it hot off the press.

Secondly, all the newspapers are filled with shock and awe over the Super League plans for six English football clubs, with the Prime Minister promising to do something about it. We ask, what’s it got to do with them, and is there a simple answer to this problem. If it is a problem.

Finally, Phil asks Kallum Pickering, Senior Economist at Berenberg Bank, whether the uK or the US has taken the best approach to guiding the economy through the pandemic. The UK furloughed workers, at the risk that some of the preserved jobs might no longer exist, post-pandemic. The US let their unemployment rate shot up, paying higher benefits in the interim.  Now all except the very rich are receiving their second stimulus payment to spend as they wish. Which approach makes the most sense. Listen and then you decide.

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