Hello Housing Bubble, Goodbye Super League

Wednesday 21st April 2021

This week Rishi Sunak launched support for banks to offers 95% mortgages. Why? House prices are out or near record highs, so is this a sector that needs government intervention. What’s worse, won’t it simply inflate prices even higher. Property commentator says Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak are playing fast and loose with the property market.

Could they be encouraging people into low interest loans, with the prospect of rate rises a year or two down the track. Numbers from the ONS this morning show inflation remains low in the UK, but its rising, and producer prices are becoming a real concern. If those costs get passed on we could see consumer prices rising to the point where central banks have to move faster on interest rates.

The plans for a new Super League fell apart overnight. Football can stay as it was. But should it? Phil Dobbie asks sports broadcaster Jonny Gould what was wrong with the plans for a Super League. Couldn’t it bring new money into the game?

All that, and the rest of the business news, in a bumper edition. You’re welcome!

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