Month: May 2021

China wants to curb the Yuan and grow the family

Today NAB’s Tapas Strickland looks at China’s plans to curb the Yuan, why the Aussie dollar hasn’t been growing as fast, the new three child policy, and a busy day for data, releases, plus the RBA today.

Month end comes early for some

For currencies there was a lot of intra-day volatility on Friday. NAB’s Ray Attrill explains what was going on. Things will be much quieter today, with the US and UK on holiday.

More central bankers wanting to ease off the pedal

The pound rises as the BoE’s Gertjan Vlieghe talks rate rises of the UK next year, but NAB’s David de Garis says the argument was more nuanced than the market response would suggest.

RBNZ talks it up, Europe talks it down

The RBNZ surprised many by indicating rates will rise next year, whilst the ECB continues to talk it down. Today NAB’s Rodrigo Catril is asked, can central banks really take such divergent paths?

Inflation – transitory, then what?

Everyone seems to agree that prices will go up temporarily. But only @profstvekeen seems to be arguing it’ll be followed by a period of deflation. Listen to this week’s Debunking Economics podcast.

China gets Yuan Up on the Dollar

The market continues to row back on its inflation concerns says NAB’s Ray Attrill, whilst China sends mixed messages on their response to a rising CNY.

Low volumes, more risk, less inflation concerns

A bit more risk-on on low volume trades overnight, but NAB’s Gavin Friend says the direction suggests investors are less anxious about inflation.

Lagarde’s tapering reluctance; vaccines winning against mutations

Strong PMIs around the world on Friday, but inflation is evident again. NAB’s Tapas Strickland says they all point to a strong bounce back in activity, but also the risk of rising inflation.

Do central banks only help the rich?

QE and low interest rates. @profstevekeen and I discuss how central banks are helping the rich get richer and widening wealth inequality. In the UK the govt. is helping with that too!

Another Turnaround Thursday

It was the third turnaround Thursday for the S&P index in the US says NAB’s Gavin Friend. On today’s podcast we look at why this might be. Plus, it’s PMI day today.

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