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Have a little faith

Friday 12th November 2021

Markets have been a little more positive over the last 24 hours, with the NASDAQ back on the rise, although a rising US dollar continues to hurt the S&P, and the Aussie dollar has taken another hit. Part of the fall in the Aussie can be attributed to the weaker than expected jobs numbers yesterday, but NAB’s David de Garis says when you unpack the numbers there was plenty of ground for optimism. He says one interesting factor has been the gross rise in jobs in NSW – many people were switching jobs as the lockdown eased. Australia could be witnessing the start of the great resignation seen in other developed countries. The UK’s recovery slowed, with GDP lower than expected, but that’s been offset by falling COVID cases and high uptakes of the third jab. So, what does that all mean for the expectation of rate rises form the Bank of England?

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