NAB – The Morning Call · Tills ring in the USA, jobs bounce back in the UK

Tills ring in the USA, jobs bounce back in the UK

Wednesday 17th November 2021

It’s been a positive session overnight, with US retail sales rising and US jobs bouncing back. NAB’s Tapas Strickland says it’s difficult to tell how much of the 1.7% month on month increase in sales is a result of rising prices and how much is more goods sold, but it shows consumers are prepared to spend even with supply constraints and inflation concerns. The UK jobs numbers are particulartly good because they have grown despite the end of a job furlough scheme with 1.1 million people on it. Mostly retained their jobs and there were many extra jobs besides. Is this the ammunition the Bank of England needs for a rate rise next month? Meanwhile Governor Lowe continues to be cautious about rate hikes for Australia, reiterating nothing is likely to happen until 2024, even though the market has priced in 2022.

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