NAB – The Morning Call · Is the US getting too hot to handle?

Is the US getting too hot to handle?

Thursday 25th November 2021

There were many more positive signs for the US economy overnight, with initial jobless claims at an all-time low. The US dollar remains in favour, with the DXY index reaching a 16-month high. On today’s podcast NAB’s Tapas Strickland says rising inflation concerns are turning even the most dovish FOMC members, with Mary Daly the latest calling for a faster taper to make room for rate rises. Former US Treasury Secretary Larry Summer spoke again about his concerns about the Fed’s delay, worried that they won’t be able to find “a soft landing”. Meanwhile, the Kiwi dollar has been hit hard by the quarter percent rate rise by the RBNZ. Why was there such a sharp response? Plus, the latest on oil, with prices down today, but we can expect more volatility as OPEC takes on their customers. How dare they dip into reserves!

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