Month: December 2021

Looking ahead to a better 2022

Next year should be better but no less confusing. NAB’s Rodrigo Catril explores the themes for 2022 on the last Morning Call of the year.

Europe’s cold cold Christmas

Oil and equites have fallen sharply on Omicron concerns. NAB’s Ray Attrill says the US is only a ocule of weeks behind UK infection rates. Europe meanwhile, struggles with rising gas prices on capped gas supplies from Russia. Not the best lead-in to Christmas.

A very cautious Christmas

Whilst Europe is closing up for Omicron, NAB’s Tapas Strickland says inflation remains a bigger concern in the US, with the FOMC’s Governor Waller saying a March rate hike a live issue.

Where’s all the money coming from?

There’s been a £200 billion increase in the size of the UK money supply. I ask @profstevekeen what the impact of that might be, and who gets to control it?

BoE lifts rates despite everything

The Bank of England has lifted interest rates, despite everything! NAB’s Gavin Friend says its been clear they were intent on lifted rates for months, holding out to ensure jobs didn’t fall off a cliff post-furlough.

Fed’s turbo taper and dots surprise

The Fed plans to clear the decks, says NAB’s David de Garis, for a faster schedule of rate hikes. The path for the Bank of England is a little less certain. The latest from the FOMC on today’s Morning Call podcast.

It’s all about dots and jabs

It’s all about dots and jabs today. We need more jabs faster to keep the global recovery on track. Meanwhile, how many dot points is the Fed expecting next year to contain inflation? NAB’s Rodrigo Catril suggests whatever the FOMC decides, markets will expect more.

A little more caution on a lot less news

We shouldn’t expect too much from financial markets over the next couple of days, says NAB’s Tapas Strickland, ahead of central bank meetings later in the week. But Omicron caution has taken the shine off things for now.

UK empties the glass, but markets still half full

Friday’s high inflation number I the US makes a faster taper from the FOMC almost certain, says NAB’s Ray Attrill, whilst the UK’s concerns over Omicron raises questions about the market’s glass half-full optimism.

Transmission and inflation – the two concerns

When it comes to Omicron we’re not out of the woods yet, says NAB’s Ray Attrill, so that’s added to caution in the markets, along with concerns about what US CPI might show.

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