NAB – The Morning Call · Banks to sit on their hands, UK to cover their faces

Banks sit on their hands, whilst UK covers their faces

Thursday 9th December 2021

Even though equity markets have slowed, bond markets are still reflecting positive sentiment around coping with the Omicron strain. NAB’s Gavin Friend says Pfizer has confirmed views that three jabs will guard against serious illness from the new variant, and yet just now the British Prime Minister, where almost a third of the population have had three jabs, has introduced tougher measures to control the spread, including mask wearing at almost all indoor venues, working from home and vaccine passports for larger venues. The Bank of Canada has delayed acting on rising inflation and it seems likely that all central banks will sit on their hands this side of Christmas until more is known about the impacts of Omicron. Yesterday the RBA’s Philip Lowe said he didn’t expect the new strain to delay the recovery, but what makes him think Australia is so unique?

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