Month: January 2022

Ukraine fears creates a risk off sell off

Geopolitics has had an influence on markets today, but the influence of the Fed should still not be underestimated says NAB’s Ray Attrill on today’s Morning Call podcast.

Who controls interest?

Interest rates are going up. I ask Steve Keen if it’s a good idea in this environment, and what if you took this key instrument away from central banks and interest rates never changed?

Turnaround in bonds ahead of FOMC this week

Bond yields have fallen slightly. NAB’s Tapas Strickland suggests it might be down to expectation of more moderate language from the Fed as they try and rein in the response to their recent hawkish stance.

Aussie jobs flourish and US equities bounce

Equities rise and bond yields fall. NAB’s David de Garis asks, is it just a bear market bounce? NAB’s Ivan Colhoun looks at the implications of yesterday’s strong Aussie jobs numbers.

Inflation (almost) everywhere

Rising yields in Germany and the UK show the inflation story is not just a US dynamic, says NAB’s Gavin Friend. It’s everywhere.

Markets swallow the post-Omicron outlook pill

Demand for oil is reflecting the view that markets will reopen faster, says NAB’s Rodrigo Catril. Pfizer’s morning-after COVID pill will help with that, but it won’t help with inflation concerns.

China bucks the tightening trend

It’s all about interest rates at the moment – how far will they rise? But, as NBA’s Tapas Strickland points out, China’s President Xi is warning central banks to sit tight, as his own PBoC lowers rates. It’s shaping up to be a year of divergent monetary policies.

Fed ready to fight inflation on two fronts

It’s not just rates lift off expected for the FOMC early this year says NAB’s Ray Attrill on today’s Morning Call podcast, they’ll also be looking to reduce their balance sheet, attacking inflation on two fronts.

What’s driving the Great Resignation?

Steve Keen tells me that the Great Resignation is a kick in the balls of the gig economy. Ouch! So how does it play out now?

The Perils of Government Subsidies

Even the most ardent supporters of small government will agree there are times when governments need to offer subsidies to companies and industries. But, I suggest to @profestevekeen, there are lots of examples where it has less than the desired effect.

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