What’s wrong with the rentiers?

The UK the Chancellor’s wife Akshata Murty was in the news a couple of weeks ago when it was revealed that she was claiming non-domicile status in the UK, so most of her income from her shareholding in dad’s company in India could be taxed over there at a much lower rate. The issue for many was that she wasn’t paying her fair share of tax. But does her wealth present a bigger problem. This week Phil Dobbie asks Prof Steve Keen whether Akshata Murty is an example of the rentier class, who make money from having money. And does that necessarily mean the money is used less well than if it was in the hands of good old-fashioned capitalists? Or is it all just a bit of jealousy, because we don’t have wealthy parents?

Hear this podcast in full at debunkingeconomics.com

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