NAB – The Morning Call · RBA loses a little patience

RBA loses a little patience

Wednesday 4th May 2022

On today’s podcast NAB’s Ivan Colhoun talks through the RBA’s higher-than-expected rate hike yesterday. Taylor Nugent adds that it was clearly more than expected, given the rise in front-end bond yields after the meeting, buoyed on by more hawkish rhetoric from the RBA’s Governor Lowe after the meeting. Next it’s the FOMC, early tomorrow morning, with a 50 basis point rise still anticipated. The JOLTs numbers indicated the labour market is still very tight and the challenge will be to restrain wage inflation. Job numbers and wages data tonight and Friday might add fuel to the fire. This morning, lots of focus on wage inflation in New Zealand, with employment data out and a press conference from the RBNZ.

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