NAB – The Morning Call · Powell knocks mega-rise prospects on the head

Powell knocks mega-rise prospects on the head

Thursday 5th May 2022

The FOMC announced a 50 basis point rate rise for the US. As NAB’s Skye Masters notes in today’s podcast, the market response was fairly muted, until Jerome Powell gave his press conference shortly afterwards. One comment, that they were not contemplating a 75-basis point rise, sent bond yields diving lower and equities shooting higher. Skye says markets had priced well ahead for a hawkish Fed, now they are taking some of that pricing back. But uncertainty hasn’t fallen away, with or inflation signs in New Zealand’s employment data, in Australian retail numbers and with another day of rising oil prices. We can expect a less hawkish Bank of England later, but it’s still likely they will raise rates even with the cost-of-living crisis being faced in the UK.

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