NAB – The Morning Call · Who can slow down the slowdown?

Who can slow down the slowdown?

Friday 20th May 2022

There was no bounce in equities today after the big falls we saw yesterday. NAB’s Taylor Nugent says its growing concerns about the US growth outlook, driven by earnings results and no uptick in economic data. Cisco has been the latest to downgrade their forecasts, blaming supply chains from the war and China’s lockdowns. But equity markets can normally see through short-term impacts, but not right now. Is the concern of over-reach by central banks part of the concern? And what does yesterday’s Australian employment data mean for inflation and the response from the RBA? There’s also a look at the minutes form the latest ECB meeting which ,again, highlighted the divide within the board about the need to act on inflation versus the impact on economic growth. Very much the question of the day.

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