NAB – The Morning Call · Markets accept rate hikes if they tame inflation

Markets accept rate hikes if they tame inflation

Thursday 26th May 2022

The increasing belief amongst central bankers – particularly in New Zealand and the US – is that faster rate hikes will have a more marked impact on fighting inflation, giving more flexibility on how to handle the issue later in the year. NAB’s Rodrigo Catril isn’t sure that a couple more 50 basis point hikes from the FOMC will be enough. Supply chain issues remain for goods, and consumers need to be torn away from their rising consumption of services. Today, Australia’s Q1 Capex numbers are worth looking out for. Also today, if the world seems a worrying place right now (particularly if you’ve been listening to George Soros), calm yourself down with a picture of a fluffy cat. It worked for our host.

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