NAB – The Morning Call · Equities and bonds markets divided

Equities and bonds markets divided

Friday 27th May 2022

US equities rose sharply again today as more retailers gave positive outlooks, despite the earlier surprise form Walmart and Target. The optimism wasn’t impacted buy another set of weaker data from the US. That presumably means there’s potential for damage if today’s consumption numbers surprise on the downside, or the PCI-deflator shows higher than expected inflation levels. As NAB’s Gavin Friend points out, the bond markets have not reacted the same way, positioned as they are for a series of rate hikes from the Fed and the question mark over a recession. The UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak tried to head off recession with the announcement of a large round of fiscal stimulus, funded by a one-off windfall tax on energy companies. But is it enough? And what happens next year?

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