NAB – The Morning Call · A piggy bank backed recovery

A piggy bank backed recovery

Monday 30th May 2022

Markets seem to be optimistic that the inflation wave can be ridden without us all crashing down on a rocky outcrop somewhere. So, are they right? NAB’s Ray Attrill joins Phil Dobbie this morning to discover the positive mood in the markets – particularly equities – driven by an absence of bad data and a hope perhaps that inflation will be tamed before central banks have to go the full way on interest rate rises. To what extent is demand holding up because people can dip into the extraordinary level of extra savings accumulated since the start of the pandemic. The non-farm payrolls data at the end of the week will be of interest, particularly in relation to wages. Locally, GDP numbers are out middle of the week. There are only three days this week when the US and UK markets are open, with month-end in-between. It could be a choppy week.

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