Day: 12 July 2022

Freaking out over inflation

Wednesday 13th July 2022

There’s no let-up when it comes to the downward expectations around the health of the global economy. US bond yields inverted further, suggesting a heightening of recession expectations. Oil prices fell sharply lower, suggesting demand is expected to fall further. US small business owners who expect conditions to improve in the next six months fell to minus 54%, the lowest in half a century. The confidence in the German ZEW survey hit a 10-year low yesterday. The NAB business survey also showed business optimism falling sharply. And NAB’s Gavin Friend reckons the prospect of an energy crisis in Europe is the real danger that is not yet fully reflected in market pricing. What will turn all this around? Central banks think a race to higher rates will fix the problem, with the Bank of Canada and RBNZ trying to outdo each other today on who can rate the fastest. So, imagine the reaction if US CPI numbers come out higher than expected today.

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