NAB – The Morning Call · Gas will trickle, Draghi will go, ECB will hike

Gas will trickle, Draghi will go, ECB will hike

Thursday 21st July 2022

There’s some confidence in the markets this morning, despite what seems to be a compendium of bad news for Europe. NAB’s Gavin Friend says gas prices have fallen because Vladimir Putin has indicated that they will meet the reopening deadline for the Nordstream pipeline, but it’ll be at only 20 percent of its capacity. As discussed on today’s podcast, that might be enough to meet short term demand, but won’t allow Europe to build up stocks for winter. The ECB meets today and will outline plans for its anti-fragmentation tool. If markets aren’t impressed, it could bolster Italian bond yields, which have already pushed higher on growing uncertainty over Draghi’s tenure in the Italian parliament. We also look at what Philip Lowe said yesterday, ahead of August’s RBA meeting.

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