NAB – The Morning Call · Slow boat from China

Slow boat from China

Tuesday 16th August 2022

The Aussie dollar has retreated from the gains at the end of last week, after a slowdown in China’s retail sales, industrial output and fixed asset investment. All grew well below expectations, as COVID continues to influence behaviour and, clearly, buying habits. We’ve also seen a big drop in oil overnight. NAB’s Ray Attrill says the fall is a combination of the weaker China data and signs that an Iran nuclear deal could be getting closer, which would see more oil pumped into the global marketplace. In the US equities continue to rise, even though the housing market is struggling, and the Empire State Manufacturing Index showed a massive (unbelievable) fall. The RBA minutes will be scoured today for any signs of the direction the bank will take now it is not, in their words, on a “pre-set path”.

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