About Phil

Phil Dobbie is a podcaster, radio broadcaster, writer, marketing expert, humourist (debatable) and Dad. He shares a birthday with Donald Trump and Che Guevara.

Here are a few career highlights:


  • He started in radio at 21, working at Radio Tees in northeast England
  • He presented overnights on JJJ, Australia’s youth network, in the eighties
  • For 15 years he presented music shows on Sydney’s 2NSB
  • He co-hosted the Lunchtime Lowdown on Sydney’s 2UE
  • Since returning to the UK in 2016 he has presented a number of shows on TalkRADIO (early breakfast), LoveSport (Saturday nights) and BBC Radio Solent (drive)


  • Phil presented almost 1,000 daily business podcasts for CBS
  • His weekly Twisted Wire and Cross Talk podcasts, which ran for six years, were widely listened to by folks in the telecommunications industry
  • Balls Radio attracted thousands of listeners for its irreverent take on the weeks news. Phil keeps threatening to start it again.
  • The Morning Call podcast attracts 8000 listens a week, providing daily finance updates, produced for the National Australia Bank


Yes, Phil can write as well as talk. He’s written hundreds of articles for CBS, as well as the occasional piece for specialist publications that interest him. There’s even a novel with his name on it, although he’d be the first to suggest you put it towards the bottom of your reading list.


  • Phil was the Australian manager for the British Tourist Authority, promoting holidays in the UK whilst enjoying the Sydney lifestyle!
  • He was a partner in Middleton Dobbie Advertising for many years
  • He worked in senior marketing roles for several telecommunications companies, including Telstra and OzEmail (as CMO)
  • His expertise saw him on the senior leadership team at OzEmail and Engin
  • He wrote the prospectus for the IPO of one ISP, and the information memorandum to raise $250 million funding for COMindico
  • Loudmouth Communications was originally established in 2008 as a PR and media production company, but has developed to focus on audio work.

Other achievements

At 14 he got his National Cycling Proficiency Certificate. He has been involved in the creation of two human beings. He irons his own clothes.

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