The inefficiency of inequality

A big divide between low and high wage earners isn’t just bad news for those on low incomes – everyone loses.

Preparing for the Nutroast Economy

Automation is stealing our jobs leaving us with lots of time and nothing to do. Fortunately, vegetarianism provides an opportunity to spend long periods of time in the kitchen for little nutritional benefit.

Labour mobility – do we need more or less?

Migrants are viewed more as a drain on resources than a boost to the economic output of a country. But s an open border any better?

Are the Kiwis right to ban foreign home buyers?

A new law in New Zealand prevents foreign buyers from acquiring homes in there. Will it work?

Does a flattening yield curve mean a US recession is on the way?

The spread of yield between short and long term US Treasuries is narrowing. Some say its a sure sign a recession is on the way.

The hypotheticals of Robinson Crusoenomics

Robinson Crusoe builds an island civilisation – at one point should he introduce money, and what does it change?

Trump – good or bad for America?

He is running the only country in the G7 to see economic growth accelerate right now. Does that mean he is doing a good job?

Getting the balance right between government and private debt

Is fiscal conservatism a thing – or does it signal a misunderstanding about the role of money creation?

Are universities losing critical thinking?

Student are taught to follow a narrowly defined set of neoclassic principles. Shouldn’t they be taught to question more?

The growth of credit is slowing money down

The velocity of money has been slowing since the eighties. Is it being driven by rising levels of credit?

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