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D-day for trade talks and UK government

Will a trade deal be struck before the weekend? Will Boris Johnson win enough seats to push on with Brexit? NAB’s Gavin Friend talks through a day with two significant deadlines. Whatever happens, expect the markets to move.

Aussie rises, Fed holds, Aramco lists, Britain votes

Fed on hold – On today’s podcast NAB’s Rodrigo Catril with the take-outs from their latest rate decision. The same expected from the ECB. And the Brits go to the polls.

Business cycles – what causes them?

Neoclassical economists argue that business cycles are driven by endogenous shocks. This podcast with @profstevekeen explains why they’ve got that wrong.

More interest in trade deal than impeachment or USMC deal; Australia’s sideways move

Many expect a no-deal on US China trade but a deferment of the weekend’s tariffs. NAB’s David de Garis suggests that’s where markets are right now. Plus, on today’s Morning Call, the take-outs from yesterday’s NAB Business Survey. And I apologise.

A quiet day to contemplate the outlook and take in the NAB Business Survey

The markets are on hold ahead of a flurry of activity later this week. NAB’s Alex Stanley talks us through it on today’s Morning Call podcast. The calmness gives time to absorb today’s NAB Business Survey.

Good jobs news – bad for a trade deal?

Strong jobs numbers from the US and weak export data from China. NAB’s Ray Attrill is asked whether this could mean a delay to the phase on trade deal?

Aussie retail slowdown, ongoing trade uncertainty and US jobs numbers to come

The Aussie retail slowdown and hopes of US jobs growth. NAB’s Tapas Strickland on today’s ‘special’ edition of The Morning Call.

Pound Rises, Oil Shoots Up, Trump Leaves Early

On today’s Morning Call podcast NAB’s David de Garis talks through renewed trade hopes, OPEC, Aussie GDP, US PMI and Trump’s early exit.

President Out-Trumps Himself at NATO

Donald Trump spooked markets with threats that a trade deal might take a year. But NAB’s Gavin Friend discusses how much is rhetoric and how much is real? Plus, what to expect from Aussie GDP today.

Economic Growth – it’s complicated

Economic growth predictions are generally based on very simple measures. The Atltas of Economic Complexity is a better predictor of future growth. Here’s why.

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