Balls Radio

A regular satirical look at what’s going on in the world. For people with a short attention span who want an alternate take on current affairs.

The rise of right-wing socialism

Is big-spending Boris really acting like a man of the right? Balls Radio discusses the new brand of fiscal conservatism, on both sides of the Atlantic.

Have you got problems with wind?

Balls radio looks at the UK’s wind problem and provides tangible evidence that it has at least one listener.

Limbaugh – freedom for all (whites and entitled)

Trump gives Rush Limbaugh the highest award possible, for racists. On Balls Radio @ProfSteveKeen discuss this, other horrible people and some beautiful words.

Canada Plus What?

With the war over (?), what’s so great about a Canada style peace-deal? Balls Radio looks deeper.

Farage’s Pathetic Brexit

Balls Radio suggests Farage’s farewell to the EU parliament shows how low the UK can go

Corona is not the Zombie Apocalypse.

Is Corona as bad as we think it is, or worse. Or somewhere in between? Balls Radio isn’t quite sure, on this and so many other things.

A properly punctuated Brexit

Two big controversies of the day – the Huawei decision, and the missing comma on the Brexit coin. Balls Radio has it all covered.

Freedom for Fleetwood

Balls Radio is back! Today it’s Brexit, plus could HS2 be canned in favour of a neew rail link to Fleetwood?

Parliament of the Damned

Trump and Boris, two blondes bent on world domination. Just like the blonde children in the Village of the Damned. Balls Radio explores the similarities.

Will Rory Stewart save the Tory party?

Have the Tory’s got one moderate, in Rory Stewart, who could save the day – for Brexit and for their party? Or will we be stuck with bombastic Boris?

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