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A regular satirical look at what’s going on in the world. For people with a short attention span who want an alternate take on current affairs.

Parliament of the Damned

Trump and Boris, two blondes bent on world domination. Just like the blonde children in the Village of the Damned. Balls Radio explores the similarities.

Will Rory Stewart save the Tory party?

Have the Tory’s got one moderate, in Rory Stewart, who could save the day – for Brexit and for their party? Or will we be stuck with bombastic Boris?

The Tory’s very ugly beauty contest

On Balls Radio, the Tory race, a simpler tax proposal and how a US free trade agreement worked out for Australia. Sorry If facts burst your bubble.

Leave most definitely does not mean leave

On Balls Radio, how leaving without a deal would go against the will of the people. Nigel Farage has been selectively quoting from a poll that shows three quarters of the population would not be happy with that outcome.

Go Home to Sonning, Theresa

Balls Radio suggests the timetable for Theresa May’s departure and looks at the small village of Sonning, where she will return to, eventually

Google bullied off Huawei phones

On Balls Radio today, Is Huawei a threat, or just a convenient way to flog Apple and Google phones? Plus, happy birthday John Stuart Mill. Who?

Kyle, Trump and other freak shows

On Balls Radio, sadly for Brexit Labour and the Tories can’t even agree to disagree. And, with the Jeremy Kyle show gone, good riddance to bad rubbish.

The crazies are in charge

Mary Queen of Scots lost a fight in Glasgow on this day in 1568. The jury is out on who won the fight between Farage and Marr on BBC1 yesterday. Plus the lowdown on Trumponomics.

In Support of Baker’s Monkey Business

Can Danny Baker’s tweet be racist if he didn’t intend it to be? Surely it’s all in the eye of the beholder?

Will the UK leave Europe before World War III?

Will the UK leave the EU before Trump and Iran lead us into WW3? The question of the day on Balls Radio.

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